Burmese Python Problem

Burmese Pythons are invading Florida!  People in Florida know that the Burmese Pythons are killing all the animals in the ecosystem.  The Burmese Python problem is growing more problematic.

They are starting a hunt-to-kill solution.  They are having competition with murdering snakes.  Florida is hosting a Python Hunt, the growing population is causing Floridians to retaliate.  Thirty days of Floridians armed with shotguns, rifles, and machetes.

These invasive reptiles are causing destruction of the ecosystem.  They are eating all the other animals, and causing more problems to erupt.  The plants are growing more, because there aren’t any bunnies, squirrels, or deer/elk to eat them.  They are taking over!

People like to own these giant animals, and that is most of the problem.  They should be careful not to let them escape their house.  They can grow up to 7 meters and can weigh up to 91 kilograms, so you can imagine.  Before getting any pet, do your research.  People sometimes have them just for vanity, and when they can’t take care of it anymore, they release it.

These animals are invading Florida.  People go on hunts for them.  These monsters destroy Florida’s ecosystem.  People like to own these massive reptiles.  But one thing is for sure, they don’t belong in Florida!

Let the Helicopters Fly

What if you were stuck somewhere on a mountain, and you only had a few hours left of oxygen?  Would you want a helicopter to save you?  Most people would say yes.  People get stuck on Mt. Everest and they need your help.  They should have the right to be rescued.

Technology is getting better all the time.  The helicopters are much lighter than they were before, and much more capable to rescue people, due to technology developed in Switzerland.  The helicopter has a crane, and it can pluck people from the mountain safely.  These helicopters are very safe.

The pilot gets paid a handsome salary, also.  The rescue pilot job opens up jobs for people who have little or nothing to live for.  These people know that there are risks, and they are willing to take them to save other people’s lives.  The mountain climbers should pay extra mulla for a quick rescue pass, though.

Human knowledge will advance.  More people will go up there, because they wouldn’t be as afraid of death, because the chances are decreased.  They would see more, and they could study the mountain more, to find out more about the Earth.  If more people go up there, more people could see the mountain.

People say that the pilots will die trying to save them.  The pilots knew the risks when they signed up.  People also say the helicopters are expensive.  The cost to climb Everest is expensive as well.  People are against it because they are not educated.

With helicopters they can clean Mt.Everest.  And they can save somebody you love.  The pilot knows the risks.  Technology is getting better all the time.  And with more people conquering Mt.Everest, Human knowledge will advance.  These are reasons why they should start rescuing people from Everest.

5 poems/5 topics


Loyal to his fans,

He made Dubstep stop hiding,

Skrillex is awesome



Mr.Robertson, a good teacher, I must say, he is quite a clown,

His balding head and full beard,always knocking out any frown.

He looks like a skinny Santa Claus,

but he can run 100 miles with no pause!

When you see a balding bearded skinny old guy, Mr.Rob is coming to town!



Fastest Man Alive,

After “The” the letters are five.

F-L-A-S-H The Flash,

He will stop you from stealing cash.

If  you need a burrito, too bad,

nobody cares, are u mad? [8P]



Pegasus, the wonderful creature that Rainbow Dash claims to be,

It’s more lame to ride a horse than ride a Pegasus.

And even the Sun is jealous of me,

that it will have to take a bus.


Pegasi are fun to ride,

but some think that is cruel,

if so, then riding a horse is something to hide,

and forget everything taught at school.


The Pegasus is the one of which is true,

the one who rides the sunshine,

upon the ocean blue,

The Pegasus glides upon the horizon line.


So if you see Pegasi,

then you know you are high.



Firemen are brave,

they risk their lives to save yours.

They are strong,

they will withstand any heat to get to you.

They are humble,

they do what they do just to save you.

They are Caring,

they will make sure your safe until the danger has fled.



Should Children Get Paid For Chores?

Children make their own messes, make their own laundry, and dirty the tables and floor, so why should we pay them to clean it up? Kids should be grateful that they don’t work on a farm 16hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Children should not get paid for chores unless it is a big chore like cleaning up the yard after winter. People on Yahoo answers state their opinions, like, “It depends – I personally believe they should learn to help out around the house without being paid.” And According to business.financialpost.com, on article ‘Should you pay your children to do chores?'”Chores are something everyone does because they are members of the household.” And also on Yahoo Answers say,”if you want want to pay them for some big chore like cleaning up the yard after a big storm.” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100213133913AAhHXEx


Although many people believe that kids should get paid for chores, because you get paid for work, and it teaches responsibility. Right? WRONG!! You don’t get
paid for chores, so why should children? Also, if children get paid for chores, they will feel an entitlement for pay, so if they don’t get paid, they won’t do the chore. Who is going to take the dog for a walk? Who will feed the poor gerbil?

A little brat
A little brat

Children should not get paid for chores, they should do work around the house because they are part of the family. Pay for chores is unnecessary. The next time your child asks if they can get an allowance, tell them to start a lemonade stand.

But, even so, the brutal battle of the bloodthirsty band-aid-ers still continues today, after centuries of bloodshed over whether or not Little Billy should receive a paycheck for house work. In this era, not a single soul is out of harms way. But, there is one way to evade this madness, shut off your computer and not pay your children to do chores.

Naturally Natural Nature, A Spectacular Spectacle

“It is intended, FIRST, to place before the general public the grand results of Scientific Work and Scientific Discovery; and to urge the claims of Science to a more general recognition in Education and in Daily Life; and, SECONDLY, to aid Scientific men themselves, by giving early information of all advances made in any branch of Natural knowledge throughout the world, and by affording them an opportunity of discussing the various Scientific questions which arise from time to time.”  According to Nature journal.

The trees and forest animals are familiar with this environment.  Nature is what happened after rocks and gases were mashed into Earth.  The Earth has been around for an estimated 4.543 billion years.  The sun has been around for an estimated 4.6 billion years, and an estimated 5 billion more years of light.


These spectacular spectacles are all around us.  Locations like the Yosemite National Park are naturally natural spectacular spectacles.  These parks and places are an amazing part of our planet.  It is Naturally Natural Nature, A Spectacular Spectacle.




You can see these spectacular spectacles here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcixldqDIEQ , http://www.amazing-nature.com/

My Natural Disaster Essay

             The tsunami of Sumatra, the most powerful tsunami of all recorded time, still haunts people today. On December, 26, 2004, in Sumatra, Indonesia, an earthquake happened in the Indian Ocean. At 7:59, an earthquake released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima bombs. The community thought it would never be the same. (found on sms tsunami warning)image
230,000 people were killed. First the water came in, and then houses were destroyed, people were sad for a long time. The tsunami cost Sumatra US$10b in damages. Many nations came to help after the disaster. Countries like Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Norway and Netherlands offered money to help. Even the U.S. and the World Bank offered money, altogether the U.N. offered US$14b. The money was use for repairing the buildings.image
The emergency plans were in place before the tsunami happened. They were to get to high ground and avoid water. Also, helicopters got stuck people to safety. If there was a storm shelter nearby they went to it. Luckily for them these plans were followed. (found on Wikipedia)
If a disaster like this happens again, they’ll be prepared. They could leave the area as soon as possible. They could also make water barriers to reduce damage. They could even go up to high dry land. What they did was they stayed away from water.
The tsunami of Sumatra, the most powerful tsunami of all recorded time, still inspires people today. I believe that the people of Sumatra will not take anything for granted. They will help each other grow as a community. They will be prepared for any disaster to come. This was information about the devastating tsunami of Sumatra.image

Tator Tots

The American food called tater tots are like French fries but are roundish and are breaded.  They are my favourite type of potato thing. Tator tots are crispy, baked, and about 4cm long.  They are really good with ham.  They are a golden brown colour.  They are also great with fish.  I think you should try them.  So go home and ask your mom or dad to make some. 😉

Sploder.com : make games And publish

http://www.sploder.com/                   <= That’s Sploder.com.  Sploder is a kid-friendly forum of which you can create art, Games, stuff like that.  But we need more members this time of year, when everyone is looking for something to do or create.  So here is a site of which is free to join, doesn’t even need account verification.  And best of all, Free game creators.  Graphic editor makes it so that you can create art, Gifs, and other designs for the Creators.  If you need help, go to the admins, Like LordElder, and KingOfFangDoms.  So join today {;)}

Sleepy Hollow Pt. 2 Essay

There it lies, still untouched, The jacket of Ichabod crane. Ichabod got to the end of the bridge, he looks back, expecting the headless horseman to burst into flames, but instead the pumpkin head was being hurtled at him. 3 years later, in Sleepy Hollow, the screams of the memory of Ichabod crane are still heard. But what if he was still alive? Katrina had her conspiracies, but she mostly kept to herself. She had a family of 2 children, ages 1 and 2 years, and a dog. Her husband, Brom Bones, was putting the children to bed. “Brom, are you sure Ichabod is truly dead?” Katrina asked Brom at the table. “I suppose he could be alive,” Brom admits,”but even so, he’d be in a cave somewhere.”
It was a dark night. It was as silent as space. Old man Jenkins was walking around, aimlessly. “The one who walks this silent path, will be granted cheese, the one who walks this silent path will not get stung by bees, for a while I guess,” Ichabod said. Old man Jenkins went home and found cheese on the table.

Brom was sitting on his porch. The cool breeze was strange. Brom saw a figure in the distance. He got up and yelled,”Hey, who are you?”

“I’m Ichabod Crane, remember me?” Ichabod said. Brom was frozen.
“Bu-but ha-how did yo-you-” Brom was out of words to say.”I-I’m sor-”
“Thank you,” Ichabod interrupted.”Thank you, if it weren’t for you, I would not have magic. But there’s bad news, The headless horseman is back.

“But how, I’m the one who pretended to be the headless horseman.” Brom said, shocked. ‘Crack’! Thunder was heard. Brom got his shotgun. Ichabod got his lightning-bolt spell ready. The headless horseman was shot by Brom like 600 times. Ichabod used his lightning spell and blew him up. Katrina got out and her jaw dropped to the ground. They went to the market in the city. Everypony was delighted to hear that Ichabod was alive and well. “I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!” Ichabod exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know right?” Martha said.
“How did they get the news of my existence so quickly?” Ichabod asked.
“The NSA,”Martha replied.
Later that night, Ichabod was walking around. Nopony was to be seen.          “SURPRISE!” Everypony shouted. Startled, Ichabod was launched 6 feet in the air. There was a huge sign that said ‘WELCOME BACK ICHABOD’.

Everypony was having a good time at the party. The punch was good too, it was made by Brom. Everypony celebrated the death of the headless horseman and the return of their schoolmaster. The day is known today as deadhead day, January, 10th.

About Me

My name is Brendan Bixler and I am a person who likes stuff.  I am 13 yrs old.  I grew up in Fort Wayne and have not moved to any other city, country, or world.  I have a nickname online called Arken Emeralds, which is also the name of my OC on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Yes, I am a Brony.  Also I am a very skilled artist.